About Us

Autumn-Argus is an ever changing, warm and loving, working home located near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are especially proud of our investment into a combination of quality animals, expert husbandry and environmental values. The quality of the Sphynx Cats and Elf Sphynx is readily apparent upon seeing our loving, healthy, well-bred animals.

Our Goals

For Barbara, "improving the breed", is the first and true goal. A lifetime devoted to animals, she has always raised animals, rescued them, has worked with Atlanta Zoo's endangered species breeding programs, and works with other like-minded breeders throughout the world. Barbara runs the breed/show programs and oversees the animal husbandry.

It is enjoying an easier life-style, one filled with life, warmth and accomplishment. According to husband Don, the other was a reality of airports, rentals cars, hotels, traffic, lonely evenings, meetings, presentations, conferences and office politics. Combining both hobby and profession, and "making a comfortable living" seems a worthy goal to us. Don designed and runs the website, business needs and participates in the care of the animals.


The principal animals we show are Sphynx Cats and Elf Sphynx. All our animals, or affiliate breeders' animals that post with us, are listed on breed specific pages. We keep it as current as we can, but the animal you desire may not stay long. Even if you are not interested in buying from us right now, please let us know your thoughts about our animals or our site by just sending us an e-mail. We are always open to new ideas.

We will be happy to make an appointment to show you our animals. Should you decide to select from us, promptly reserve your choice with a deposit so we will no longer show the animal. Deposits are non-refundable, their are NO refunds, but we will exhange for another animal of like value since we will usually always take an animal back! We are ready to provide you with additional information upon request.

If you reside outside the USA, we welcome your visit, any pictures or comments, however we do not ship outside the continental United States. The requirements are quite a bit to deal with and when a client changes their mind or falls off the radar so-to-speak, it causes me to be stuck with an animal that is now older and more difficult to place. If you are overseas and wish one of our little friends, do as others have and look into an agent to pick up your animal from us here. Your agent can get all the tests, microchips, quarantines and whatnot per your country requirements and ship your new friend as soon as it is possible. I am older now and prefer concentrating on my animals here and will be happy to show anyone our selection, and ship anywhere in the USA!

We will be very happy to make an appointment to show you our animals. Any animal we do place will be under contract, with all shots and paperwork in order, complete with a health guarantee. We are ready to provide you with additional information and photos upon request.