"We love and show our cats and to that end we usually have kittens available to qualified homes"; our previous opening line, no longer applies today. Although that may change sometime down the road, so-to-speak, we are getting on in age and have slowed down. 

However, we are planning a few Litters this year as part of our intriguing Elf outcrosses. When we have a litter available we will post their photos and information on this page.   

Please check back throughout the year or, better yet, send me an email requesting to get on our waiting list. 

Color Country Glorious Gloria

Litter of Sphynx, Bambino and a dwelf Sphynx.  Oh my...
Litter of Sphynx, Bambino and a dwelf Sphynx. Oh my...

Color Country's  Glorious Gloria X Franklin del Cappo

Gloria's first litter! 11/17/17

Glorious Gloria has graced us with a litter of six; three Bambinos, three Sphynx. 

The Bambinos are two bi-color females, and a pointed male.

There are three light red Sphynx, two male and one females. 

These kittens can be reserved with a deposit.

Check them out.. 

We will be very happy to make an appointment to show you our animals. Any animal we do place will be under contract, with all shots and paperwork in order, complete with a health guarantee. We are ready to provide you with additional information and photos upon request.