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All the things you need to know before buying and dealing with cats

 Everything you need to know about CATS

Everything you need to know about CATS

If cat love is real it can seem ridiculous to people who don't own it. Cats are called human beings' best companion, but everyone who has lived with cats knows that it is so amazing that it is never indispensable. This article contains everything you should be aware of to help you and the cats live together to the fullest destination.


Cats are known for their amazing senses. The outer ear of the cat receives sound from each direction, then its ear channels descend to the ear drum. After the sound vibrates on the eardrum, the middle ear changes the vibration into sound waves and sends it to the cat's shell and finally the brain. You hear from 20 Hz up to about sixty-five thousand Hz. Ears also help cats balance. This is the main reason cats usually land on their feet when falling.

Vision in cats


The cat's eye contains the cornea, lens, retina, iris, and tapetum lucidum. Tapetum Lucidum is a layer of mirror-like cells that reflect a small amount of light, helping the cat to see. A cat only needs 1/6 of the light a person needs to see clearly. However, cats cannot see in the dark. In near darkness, the cat pupils can expand 3 times more than the human pupil.


The cat relies heavily on the sense of smell, and also to see if the food is safe to eat. The cat's nose contains nearly two hundred million neurons, making its sense of smell fourteen times more sensitive than human sense.

Cats' sense of smell


Cats have an average of 24 filaments on their faces; These bristles are very thick.

 Bristles are very sensitive to detect the slightest changes in the air stream. The bristles are not only on the cat's face, but also on the back of her front legs. Mustaches are replaced whenever they fall. The cat's fur enjoys a unique sensitive neurological end that detects a light touch. 

love is real it can seem ridiculous to people

Who loves cats wants to givePrefer a cat name if you take a look at a number of the most common cat names. Cats' names vary from country to country. Best Names Through Pet Insurance Register Through Records of the Largest Pet Insurance Company in the United States (VPI) Annual Rankings of Most

 Popular Cat Names

The best cat names seem to be Max, Tiger, Princess, Shadow and Ginger. Why do most people prefer these names? However, Abby and Max are less understanding.

In both cases, there are quite a few names that will continue to appear on the top lists every now and then. Some of the most popular cat names recently are Lulu, Misty, Charlie, Dexter, Ma and Oliver. Perhaps the oldest and most traditional favourite name is Mitten which is still used today. Today's famous cat names seem to come from cultural films such as Disney films, for example, Nala, Simba and Tinkerbell. Some fashionable and suitable cat names are associated with fur coloring such as Midnight, Java, Crow, Shadow, Cinder, and Ebony for black cats. Regardless of the source of inspiration, names sometimes come to us as if by celestial intervention.

Cats sleep a third of a day


Travel is convenient with cat holders and the right boxes. There is no doubt that dogs and cats differ from each other in many ways. As every cat fanatic knows, cats don't seem to share the pleasure that their dog counterparts get from getting into a car, regardless of duration or distance.

Cat carriers aim to make car rides more likely for playful corn, ensuring their comfort and safety. There is also a variety of moving cat carriers that can be obtained in both soft and high impact materials.

You should choose one that is easy to clean to help contain your cats with their good health while driving. Offer your cats a fairly safe and trouble-free travel as well as a fun travel experience with cat carriers and comfortable boxes.