We are pleased to present Autumn-Argus global award winning Sphynx Cats in many colors and types. The Sphynx are the hairless ones,  so no hairballs or cat hair! They are extremely affectionate, very animated, seriously inquisitive, physically athletic and display a wonderful disposition. Sleeping with a Sphynx is like cuddling up to a suede hot water bottle. They make awesome pets.

See any available New Litters, Adoptable Adults,  or our exciting Elf Sphynx offerings for qualified homes. All of our prices are published with each listing. If you are looking for any information about these cats,  try reading some of the articles we have selected. Sphynx are unusual cats, but they are cats. These hairless felines are indoor cats, have a higher than normal temperature and are generally more active and require warmth.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Autumn-Argus Whoopi comes from Dam of Merit Foundation lineage. She brought three healthy Sphynx to the fold. One is a rather large red male, a white van and the third a black and white tuxedo male. 

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We confidently believe we have a great Sphynx site for you and are loaded with bare. Just contact us for any additional information.   Please enjoy our our Sphynx Cats and thanks for visiting us! 

The Sphynx Cat


Mother Nature and a group of dedicated cat breeders have created a beautiful and loving breed. It has taken nearly a half century to gain acceptance and set the breed standard.  (Read more...


The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat,  although it is not truly hairless. The skin should have the texture of chamois. It may be covered with an almost imperceptible very fine down. (Read more...


Readers have praised our articles on feline health and care for this interesting and unique breed. We are loaded with useful information about the breed and cats in general. (Read more...



We occasionally have Litters available from time to time.  Check out available kittens from purebred Sphynx,  Elf Sphynx to Bambinos (coming soon). Some may be planned outcrosses, duly noted.  (Read more...)


We have great pet prices for those that can provide a stable loving home for these cats.  These are not kennel cats. They are well adjusted and socialized family home pets.  (Read more...)


The Elf Sphynx is a unique and exciting new hybrid breed recently brought into existence by outcrossing the Sphynx cat with a domestic Curl; a Sphynx cat with really cute curled ears.  (Read more...)



The Fabulous Sphynx Photo Gallery is where Autumn-Argus is proud to host pictures from our own collection and others from around the world. This breed provides great photos.  (Read more...)


Breed Associations, cat furniture, pet education, cat food, feline supplies and more; check out our interesting and useful links we have used ourselves for your pleasure. (Read more...)

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Mother Nature and a group of dedicated cat breeders have created a beautiful and loving breed. It has taken nearly a half century to gain acceptance and set the breed standard.  (Read more...)

We will be very happy to make an appointment to show you our animals. Any animal we do place will be under contract, with all shots and paperwork in order, complete with a health guarantee. We are ready to provide you with additional information and photos upon request.