We are pleased to present the Autumn-Argus gentlemen ruling and residing in our home. Go ahead and ask us about our guys. They are true stars and get little or no recognition for their loving contributions. Enjoy each of them and feel free to discuss them with us in detail by email, or better yet, call us. We truly enjoy discussing anything and everything about cats!


Autumn-Argus Levi

Autumn-Argus Charlie Part Tuna x Autumn-Argus Pizzazz

An American Staple

Pizzazz, Levi's mom, is the sister of Anke and the daughter of SCG Autumn-Argus Scarlet O' Hairless, who won best in region, and DGC Autumn-Argus Possom. Levi is a red and white, very bald male. Oh boy is he a charmer.

Levi exhibits a great personality, shows loads of presence, and is an independent spirit that all my girls love love. He really is an American staple!!

He so impressed us that we have included him in our program. We plan on great things from our Levi and he already has prodigen on the ground!

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Autumn-Argus Charlie Part Tuna

J & J Alfie Straight Up x CH Autumn-Argus Theda Bara

Star Kissed Gorgeous Male


Charlie Part Tuna, "Chaz", is a lovely show quality son of J & J Alfie Straight Up by CH Autumn-Argus Theda Bara.

We are pleased with his contribution to our program. Chaz is really handsome with his striking eye color and championship presence.

Charlie certainly deserves to enjoy his retirement. He loves to bathe in the Sun, be around people and sweet talk his ladies!

If you are interested in Chaz, remember he has a confident presence, is colorful and striking in appearance. He has a charming personality, now that he is neutered he will be a great pet addition to any family!

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J & J Alfie Straight Up

SGC Jesanos QTees Zivo x Su Manthra

Anyone for a little Alfie Straight Up?


Alfie Straight Up, "Alfie", is the son of SGC Jesanos QTees Zivo of Pharaohs O' Bastet from the Mid-Western Region.

We feel that he has contributed much to our program, with his superior eye color and wonderful stature. Alfie is now neutered and living the good life with his friends inside the house.

He has a wonderful presence, is bold and striking in stature and appearance. He has a personality to die for … "What's it all about, Alfie?"

How about little Alfie Straight Up? Go ahead, I dare you!

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Autumn-Argus Zenith

Autumn-Argus Baree Lee Lewis x CH Autumn-Argus Mona Lisa

Our Feline Errol Flynn!


Autumn-Argus Zenith was a very busy fella. He is just an all-around wonderful and phenomenal sire. He sired great litters and has finished his stud career. Zenith produced very respectable show cats and kittens during his tenure. We are extremely proud of him and literally all the ladies loved him and his tender ways.

Zenith's features he brought to the union included:
  • A breeding manner that can charm the ladies without any distress!
  • An imposing stature, baldness, wonderful teal eyes and a variety of masked colors.
  • Pleasant disposition and ability to get along with other cats.

Zenith lived up to his name for he was at the pinnacle of his game. He is now neutered and enjoying his retirement. Here is a Sphynx with that really impressed all. Our darling Don Juan was a hit with all the ladies!

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Autumn-Argus Baree Lee Lewis

Autumn-Argus Theodore Bare x Apophis McQueen of Autumn-Argus

Great balls of fire!


Autumn-Argus Baree Lee Lewis had a whole lotta shakin' going on in the show ring. He was a great and productive sire, neutered now, and currently enjoying his retirement. Autumn-Argus Cattery produced many fine show kitties with him over the last several years. Baree is the son of Aphophis McQueen of Autumn-Argus.

Baree's features also included:
  • Large solid fawn male with a marvelous stature and wonderful solid gold eyes.
  • Baree brought to any union his size, boldness and a variety of masked colors.
  • A personality that can litter-really charm the birds out of the trees!

Baree's father is an Autumn-Argus prodigen, a blue-eyed chocolate mink male, the wonderful and gorgeous Autumn-Argus Theodore Bare. He has traveled the USA with "Great balls of fire" — ah Baree Lee!

For more information about Baree Lee, just contact us.

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SGC CrystalSkye's Fox Mulbare

SGC Belfry Frank Skinatra x SGC Kiva's Indian Paintbrush

Shared stud duck!


SGC CrystalSkye's Fox Mulbare, "Foxey", spent a wonderful year with Autumn-Argus Cattery. He quickly adjusted to his new digs and all the queens just loved the big boy. He soon went to work courting all the gals.

Foxey is the sire of the wonderful litter out of TGC FoxwellHall Rada Rada Rada, "Raddy", of Autumn-Argus which produced Mona Lisa and Theda Bara, now both blue-eyed champion females.

Here are a few of his outstanding features:
  • Supreme Grand Champion (SGC).
  • Large blue and white male with a marvelous stature.
  • Foxey borught size, boldness and color to any union.

In association with Donna Marie Hurley of CrystalSkye Cattery, where he has returned, we proudly present this lovely sire!

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QGC Autumn-Argus Buck Naked

SGC Kiva's Mogollon of Ratah x DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemena

Super Star — The Dude!


Autumn-Argus Buck Naked, "Buck" was the son of SGC Kiva's Mogollon of Ratah. He was the first born son of DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemena of Autumn-Argus, "Madam Ching" as we call her. He was a very bald, and very lovable guy.

Sadly, the "Dude" passed away while visiting in Michigan. So we were told, but then we heard "rumors" that he was actually sold and went to Chicago. If true, then shame on you and may your moira reward you accordingly! He had many virtues, not the least of which was the ability to de-nude anybody! He was a charming dude and all the queens just loved the big guy! He courted all the gals with style and elegance.

Here are a few of Buck's super star features:
  • The "Dude" is a Quad Grand Champion (QGC).
  • Prestigious Award - TICA Black Sphynx of the Year.
  • Large solid black male with a marvelous stature.
  • Buck brought to any union size, boldness and color.

We will truly miss our superstar, always dearly love and proudly present the "Dude" — the best!

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