We are pleased to present the Autumn-Argus ladies ruling and residing in our home. They are truly an eclectic group of ladies representative of the breed in many ways, including going back to foundation lines. Enjoy each of them and feel free to discuss them with us in detail by email, or better yet, call us. We truly enjoy discussing anything and everything about cats!


Autumn-Argus Famke

Autumn-Argus Levi x Autumn-Argus Anke

Odd Eyed Lady!

Famke was born to an aristricratic family. Her great grandmother included SGC Scarlet O'Hairless, whose great great grandmother is Apophis McQueen, damn of merit, aunt of Nordstrom, and combines Classical cats, and Apophis breeding. She is a royal queen for sure!

Famke's great great grandmother, "Stevie", is retired and still living with us here. Talk about hearty genes, Famke has them all around. Anke, her mother, had three kittens, two with the rare odd eyed characteristic.

Famke's sire, Levi, is an outcross whose mother is also blue eyed, along with his father, from the FoxwellHall lineage out of Autumn-Argus Theda Bara's Charley Part Tuna. Levi has produced several blue eyed kittens, from several queens. His offspring are also very sound, stout, and very nicely tempered.

Famke is a lovely additon to Autumn-Argus. For more information on our Famke, just contact us. You go girl!

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ColorCountry Jazzmatazz

Barecats Gentle Bens Barebod x Awieddershinz Chloes Barebod

All the Jazz!

Jazz is a black and white tortie with drop dead gorgeous seafoam eyes. She is a real darling we have delighted in for over a year now. She brings fresh bloodlines to our eclectic group of wonderful queens and oh boy, I hope for more of those eyes!

ColorCountry Jazzmatazz is from the ColorCountry Cattery in Utah. She has one previous litter from different sire. So she knows and has already developed her mothering skills. Her current litter is sired by Autumn-Argus Levi and may well have some blue eyed kittens. This litter she delivered two red boys, and a red and white female. Jazz is a sweet darling and enjoys catching rays lying in the window and is in purrfect health.

Stay tuned to my newsletter to follow her progress and watch for the posting of her kittens soon. We are very happy for her and Levi!

For more information on our Jazz, just contact us. We are truly jazzed!

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Autumn-Argus Vespa

Autumn-Argus Charlie Part Tuna x Autumn-Argus Venus

Bond Girl!

Vespa is a true blue eyed mink like her grandfather, SGC CrystalSkye's Fox Mulbare. She also carries the blue eyed gene, the sepia factor, from her grandmother, Autumn-Argus Theda Bara. So Vespa is laden with exceptional championship lineage going back to Kitnhuyse, FoxwellHall and Rinkurl foundation lines running though her beautiful feline self!

She is very bald and and extremely showy with her striking eye color and fine lines. Young and beautiful, Vespa also loves to cuddle up and sleep with me. She gets along with everybody, loves to lounge in the Sun and is in purrfect health. I am very excited about her future!

Vespa won the heart of James Bond and has won us over as well. Stay tuned to my newsletter to follow her progress and watch for the excitement of her first litter announcement. We are very proud of Venus and Charlie!

For more information on our Vespa, just contact us. Go little Vespa!

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Autumn-Argus Theda's Treasure

INT CH Maximus von Ronco x CH Autumn-Argus Harlow

My Dutch Treasure!

My Dutch friend Rinke, bless her soul, received Autumn-Argus Harlow, out of my precious champion Theda Bara, and has shown her to champion in Europe. She bred Harlow to International Champion Maximus von Ronco and I received my little Theda's Treasure early this year. Prior to coming to America, little Theda won Best Sphynx Kitten just to tune her up for the show!

Yes, I have my beautiful Theda lineage with that sepia factor most often producing the blue eyed beauties that everyone seeks. She is real bald, like her mommy, has an extremely out-going winning personality. With her exceptional championship lineage going back to Kitnhuyse, FoxwellHall and Rinkurl foundation lines, she is truly loaded with promise.

I am so very thrilled to have this treasure and as you can see, Theda is a true beauty. Check out my web site in the future to follow her progress and the possibilities this gal brings to the table. We have high expectations for this little treasure!

For more information on our Theda's Treasure, just contact us. We are so happy about this kitten!

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Diamonds Are Forever

Autumn-Argus Diamonds Are Forever

J & J Alfie Straight Up x SCG Autumn-Argus Scarlet O' Hairless

Another Bond Girl!

Diamond is one of the striking kittens out of the year end litter by Scarlet O' Hairless that I just had to keep for myself. She is a hazel eyed gal for whom I have great plans in the future. I have high hopes that she will become a reigning queen just like her mother.

Diamond's mother is a Supreme Grand Champion, and on her mother's side her grandmother is our foundation queen and Dam of Merit Apophis McQueen of Autumn-Argus, "Stevie", and her grandfather is the one and only Quad Grand Champion Autumn-Argus Buck Naked. This top lineage makes her a true Diamond!

On the sire's side, Diamond has several Supreme Grand Champions just doubling our pleasure. We are truly looking for several show quality litters from future unions with this gem. Right now Diamond is playing with her best friend Theda's Treasure and having a ball all over the house!

Keep an eye out for this jewel in the future. For more information on her, just contact us. Remember, diamond's are forever!

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Autumn-Argus Anke

DGC Autumn-Argus Possom x SGC Autumn-Argus Scarlet O' Hairless

Formal Tuxedo Queen!


Anke is the daughter of two champions and is currently hanging out with her new friend, J & J Alfie Straight Up, with whom we believe may have received a blessing. She is the full sister of Pizzazz and the daughter of SGC Autumn-Argus Scarlet OHairless, who won best in region, and DGC Autumn-Argus Possom.

She is a sturdy black and white "formal" tuxedo queen in waiting, looking like her Daddy, and has just a warm and effervescent presence and personality all around. She will do well in both the show ring and as a regal queen.

Keep an eye out for Anke. Boy, it only gets better with time, eh? She is definitely a primo addition to our program, as she has top-notch lineage. Check out this other picture of Anke: [ Photo-A ].

Take a look at her, and consider what sort of unions could be made in the wee hours of the night with this lovely babe. For more information on Anke, just contact us. Be advised, it is a black tie affair, so dress accordingly!

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SCG Autumn-Argus Scarlet O' Hairless

QGC Autumn-Argus Buck Naked x Apophis McQueen of Autumn-Argus

Reigning Queen!


Scarlet is back! Yes, I have my beautiful SGC back from her long trip to supreme and she is just gorgeous. She is one of the infamous "Magnificent Seven" out of my great queen Stevie and my beloved champion, "Buck Naked". This lineage can not be duplicated any longer!

She is real bald, like her daddy, has an extremely out-going winning personality which helped tremendously in her campaign to supreme. Scarlet is extremely healthy and, thank my lucky stars, has never been off her game!

Scarlet is no maiden and has great mothering skills. I am so very happy to have her back on my pillow and so is she. So check out her show photo on the right and stay tuned to our web site in the future to check out our planned next union with … well, just check us out!. We have high expectations for this reigning queen!

For more information on our Supreme Queen, just contact us. We just love this babe!

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Madame Chingy

DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemema

CH Belfry Baron of Dallas x SGC Grandpaws Anastasia of CrystalSkye

Our Queen Mother!


"Chingy" as known here at the farm, is one of my oldest friends, and most loved. She has produced many lovely kittens, and carries wonderful tradition for her lineage and combines many prosperous outcrosses.

She is a pillar in the Autumn-Argus program, but only makes a directorial contribution nowadays. Being the "Queen Mother" carries extra special benefits, like sleeping on my chest!

She is the mother of "Jet", aka Ima Naked, and many other of our supporting queens, cast members and show stars across the globe!

For more information about Madame Chingy, just contact us. She loves all the attention she gets, but you would never be thanked!

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TGC FoxwellHall Rada Rada Rada of Autumn-Argus

QGC Kitnhuyse Selfrige of FoxwellHall x SGC Rinkurl Tulajitaqwit of FoxwellHall

Cream of the crop!


Raddy is one of the nicest and most productive queens we have had here at Autumn-Argus. She has produced several highly titled offspring, including SGC Autumn-Argus Color Me Bad. We have applied for Raddy's Outstanding Dam (foundation) paperwork.

She is an exquisite example of the breed, and has the charm and grace of all the wonderful lineage in her background. She is a cream point with brilliant aqua eyes.

She produced top quality progeny when paired with an equal or better male … although it is hard to find a male who can bring more to the table than Raddy. Nowadays, she prefers to consort with a warm spot in the Sun!

Rada … Rada … Rada … for more information on her, just contact us. We will spill the beans!

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DGC Autumn-Argus Ima Naked

SGC Kiva's Mogollon of Ratah x DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemena

Black Queen of Sheba!


Jet is the full sister to QGC Autumn-Argus Buck Naked. They are progeny of the impressive sire, SGC Kiva's Mogollon of Ratah, a solid black male. She is an alpha queen, the daughter of DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemena.

She has produced plenty award winning kittens and adults. She is an extremely affectionate girl. She comes from great stock, and contributed greatly to our program.

Jet is a full cup of water. We find her lying about in the strangest of places. Boy, she is loaded with surprises whenever she drops!

For more information on her, just contact us. We will tell you when her plane arrives!

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Autumn-Argus Venus

SGC CrystalSkye Fox Mulbare x Autumn Argus Heavenly

Roman goddess of love and beauty!


Venus is another progeny of SGC CrystalSkye Fox Mulbare. She is the single birth daughter of Foxey and Heavenly, carrying background lineage of SGC Kiva's Mogollon of Ratah and studded with SGC Britanya Gari Baldi on her grandfather's side. She also carries the CrystalSkye lineage through her maternal grandmother, DGC CrystalSkye Princess Wilhemena of Autumn-Argus, the grandmother of Heavenly.

She is a torbie and white, with brilliant green eyes, and lots of personality. She has very little white, except for small mittens on her front toes … looks rather like a lady-fingers ad! She is a true individual, in all senses of the word. However, being a Roman Goddess, she does live up to her name, and is Venus like in appearance and grace, as well as being a very solitary queen, preferring people to other cats.

Venus' mothering skills demonstrate a single mindedness in her duties as a mother. This skill is invaluable to any diligent breeding program. With her latest litter of three lovely kittens, she produced two boys, one black & white tuxedo, one cream, and one black & white tuxedo girl!

We look forward to Venus' continued success in the future. For more information on Venus, just contact us. This Roman Goddess waits for no one, but we will give you the inside scoop!

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Autumn-Argus Pizzazz

DGC Autumn-Argus Possom x SGC Autumn-Argus Scarlet O' Hairless

Queen of the Jellicle Ball!


Pizzazz is also the daughter of two champions and is buzzing all around the house with all of her new friends. She is the sister of Anke and the daughter of RW QGC Autumn-Argus Scarlet OHairless, who won best in region, and DGC Autumn-Argus Possom, who is kicking up the show circuit now as mentioned above. She has not yet completed her show titling or began any mothering either. Here again, we just wanted to "preview" coming attractions of this Jellicle!

She is a hearty queen in waiting and truly lives up to her name. She is full of it! She will do well in both the show ring and as a striking queen.

Keep your eye on Pizzazz and any of her breedings! She is an excellent addition to our primary breeding/show environment, as she too has top-notch lineage and unusual coloring. Check out these other pictures of Pizzazz: [ Photo-A, Photo-B, Photo-C].

Take a look at her, and consider what sort of unions could be made after the Ball with this Jellicle Queen. For more information on Pizzazz, just contact us. When the Jellicle Moon is shining bright, Pizzazz with her terpsichorean powers will surely be the Queen of the Jellicle Ball. Bet on it!

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