Sphynx Cats are recognized for Championship competition throughout the world.

Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)

The International Cat Association (TICA)

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Angelical Cat Furniture has really great stuff!
is exactly where you want to go for cat furniture. They have an incredible selection from small to large pieces in a wide range of styles and colors. We have a bunch of them in our home right now. Many of you have asked where we got a certain piece used in our photos. Well, this is it! They last long, clean up well and all our cats love to relax, play and mingle on these great works of art!

Pet Education
web site contains thousands of in-depth articles written by the Drs. Foster & Smith veterinary staff. PetEducation.com has received high ratings and awards of excellence from multiple organizations, and is visited by thousands of pet owners and pet professionals every day from all over the world. Additionally, many major universities utilize the PetEducation.com web site in their teaching and as a resource for student and faculty research.

Revival Animal Health
will always offer you great products at great prices with great service and have become to many of us our personal, professional pet care partner. The knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the right products. We use them for a vast number of items and value their relationship very much. Check them out for quality service and tell Roy we sent you!

PetEdge - Great selection not found anywhere else!
has for nearly half a century, been the #1 discount source for professionals in the pet care industry providing professional quality pet care supplies and equipment at guaranteed lowest prices. Take a look at their broad line of exclusive PetEdge Brands. They're not sold in superstores and are always priced extra low. They also offer guaranteed lowest prices on pet care products from other leading brands. We use them quite a bit and you can request a catalog too!

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Acquiring a New Cat

Getting off to a Purrfect Start with your new Cat

Purrfect Start

Congratulations on your new companion! To be at their best, cats have some basic needs; providing them will help ensure your cat's long-term health and welfare. If these needs are not met, your cat may feel stressed, which can affect both health and behavior. Cats seem to prefer having …

Behavior & Training

Feline Behavior Guidelines

Feline Behavior Guidelines

The veterinary profession has the privilege and responsibility of caring for both animals and people. The benefits of living with a pet are now well recognized. By preventing and treating behavioral problems, we have the opportunity to protect and strengthen the human-pet-veterinary bond and increase the quality of life for both pets and pet lovers …